May 15, 2022 • Leesburg, VA

Our Story

Aanchal and Neel met in Spanish class at Clarksburg High School when their teacher "randomly" sat them next to each other. Neel noticed Aanchal’s love for music and offered to fill her iPod with a list of her favorite songs. They got to know each other by bonding over movies, music, dance and much more. They found that their friendship was growing stronger and stronger over the course of that one semester. It was shortly after, on October 6th, 2010 that Neel asked Aanchal to be his girlfriend. They took each day as a new experience, never taking the moments they shared together for granted. 8.5 years later, Neel asked the love of his life to be his forever! He surprised Aanchal by getting all of their friends and family to learn a fully choreographed flash mob dance. And on the afternoon of April 6th 2019, Aanchal walked to the Washington Harbour where she was greeted by a dancing crowd and, of course, her prince charming… and surprise… she said YES to being his forever.

The Proposal


May 15th 2022

CEREMONY 12:30PM - 4:00PM

The traditional Indian ceremony will begin with the Baraat (procession of the groom). Neel and his family/friends will be arriving, while Aanchal's family awaits to welcome them and bring Neel to the Mundap (altar). After Neel reaches the Mundap, the ceremony begins. We will then see the entrance of Aanchal as she will come to the mundap to continue the rest of the ceremony.
Please note that lunch is not being served; however, we will have light snacks and refreshments at the ceremony.

May 15th 2022


Time to celebrate! Come enjoy a cocktail hour until 7:00PM. Following the cocktail will be our buffet dinner, speeches, dance performances, and an open dance floor. We will be having an open bar, as well. We just have one request - everyone comes wearing their dancing shoes! We can't wait to see you all there!


We have secured a block of rooms at a couple hotels less than a mile from our venue.

Please use this link to book at the TRU by Hilton.

Please use this link to book at the Springhill Suites.

Hotels must be booked by April 15th. Please reach out to us if there are any issues with booking.

Things To Do

If you decide to come to town early, or stay for a few days after the wedding, here are some things to do:

Visit Stonetower Vineyard
Go Shopping
Hit the Driving Range
Grab Some Beer

Lansdowne Resort is a golf course with restaurants, a spa, a pool, and much more; feel free to enjoy the onsite amenities. The venue is only an hour drive into our nation's capital, Washington D.C.


We are blessed to have your prescence at our wedding. If you wish to gift us something towards beginning a new chapter, we would appreciate contributions towards a down payment for our future home!

Click here to contribute to our fund.